Trevor Adeline

Trevor Adeline’s specialty is inspirational moments, honest authentic people, and creating engaging images that connect with their audiences. Based in South Africa, this lifestyle photographer is highly dedicated to his craft and passionate about any type of assignment. Be it commercial or editorial, Trevor brings a valuable mix of experience, technical knowledge, motivational play, and directing timed choreography onto the set. In this approach he creates a way to always have an element of honesty in his work.
His process of exploration resonates throughout his work, echoing his fondness for a special kind of staged documentary and insights into the human experience. When working with him it soon becomes clear that he engineers an active and positive atmosphere on set and captured in camera. His ability to harness the essence of the “movement” and “experience” with his natural South African touch leaves a strong presence.
 “I hope to inspire those who view my images to play more in their moment to moment, to incite feelings of joy – because happy people are contagious ”  he says,  “Always travel light, connect with your models, understand your client, and have fun!”.